ode to an unscripted day

Jennifer Kite-Powell
2 min readDec 5, 2023
Photo by MohammadO Shokoofe on Unsplash

opened my eyes
see beagle wagging her tail
play with beagle
make coffee
feed meowing kitten
sit in overstuffed pink chair in bedroom by the window with the crack
admire my cute fuzzy pink slippers
drink coffee in overstuffed pink chair in bedroom
see leaves falling in yard
watch kitten play with the string on my blue floral kimono
walk beagle down by the river
watch train crossing the bridge to the city
buy French rolling pin from Crate & Barrell
buy white and purple saliva from garden center
contemplate white paper lantern lights for mantle
talk with cashier about Hemingway
buy white paper lantern lights for mantle
drop dry cleaning sitting in car for a month
deliver salvia to friend
talk to friend about crazy neighbor
feed meowing kitten
swim 600 meters
look at texts
call mom
put new white paper lanterns on the mantle
chase other cat back into house
watch honeybees flying back to hive
stare at the overstuffed pink chair from outside
reheat romanesco and coq au vin on the stovetop
text a guy about oysters
bake shortbread cookies
talk with Amazon driver
deliver cookies to a neighbor
sat in living room looking at white paper lanterns on mantle
read about terrines from Auberge of the Flowering Hearth
night walk with beagle and flickering flashlight
write poem



Jennifer Kite-Powell

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