Dear Open AI

Photo by Spenser H on Unsplash

You are too white, too arrogant, too lost to see the truth

You pulled up a chair to the table and then burned the other chairs

You think you know what’s best for all of us

But you only do what is best for some of us

You think you know better

You don’t

You’ve just replaced the white hood with the designer suit

You have no dimension

You created a mirror of who you are, thinking it’s a mirror for everyone

It isn’t

It’s cyber imperialism

And digital colonialism

Systemic oppression

You are a jack-booted, tech baron thug with your self appointed priviledge on our humanity

Your arrogance is violent

Step away from the table

That chair doesn’t belong to you



Jennifer Kite-Powell

Speculative poet, flash fiction writer, author, podcaster & Forbes senior contributor. Read my work here, on substack or at